We took a trek through the Wildflower Reserve at Raccoon Creek State Park today – fewer wildflowers than one might think, but still a beautiful and peaceful place to spend a morning. There were endless amounts of ferns, and a “vernal pool” overflowing with these beautiful yellow flowers growing from the bottom and little tadpoles swimming through the stalks.

make a wish.

The weather has cooled down slightly – it feels like we are actually getting some spring weather this year rather than speeding straight from winter in to fall. It felt good to get out into the fresh air, listen to the birds sing.. I can’t help but let my mind wander to what it might be like next spring, when we will go on hikes with our little one and get to show him or her how beautiful the world is. My parents love to talk about how they would take me on hikes often through The Garden of the Gods in Colorado when I was an infant and point out all of the birds and trees even though I couldn’t understand a word of it. And one day, I will reminisce and tell my child the same sorts of stories and hopefully pass down the same sense of wonder my parents instilled in me.


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