take a closer look.

I bought a set of macro filters the other day and I’m already predicting that it will provide hours of fun. I snapped these two shots last night and really love the way they look… a little dreamy, capturing a rare moment of peace and quiet from this pretty lady who has recently learned that if she meows constantly, I will eventually come out of the bedroom to love on her.

In other news, we are photographing our first wedding tomorrow and I am a mix of excited and nervous about it. Here’s a confession: I have never been to a wedding where I didn’t cry and I sometimes even get teary-eyed when I watch a stranger’s wedding on television. There is something so touching about two people committing their lives to each other and sharing the moment with their closest family and loved ones. I can’t help but feel a little sappy when I get to peek in on this intimate moment in other people’s lives. I worry endlessly about my own wedding later this year and have been brainstorming ways to hide the maximum amount of tissues in my bouquet while also figuring out how to avoid having cry-face for the duration of the afternoon. Thankfully, there’s still another few months left to figure it out!


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