our quiet.

It finally warmed up! This weekend, we were blessed with two beautiful days over 40 degrees and we took the opportunity to go on an adventure. We followed some signs on a main road near our house to a trail by the river, grabbed our cameras and set off.. although it was overcast, the not-freezing air felt so good to be out and about in.


It seems crazy to think about how many little pockets of beauty this city hides that I haven’t explored yet. I have lived here for almost seven years now and am still finding little trails and hideaways to get away from all of the hustle and bustle.

reflection of the last of winter.

Having grown up in a rural area, I often find myself missing the woods behind my grandfather’s house, the quiet of being surrounded by a silent forest except for the singing of birds. Although the parks here are often more crowded, if I wake up early enough on a weekend or am exceptionally lucky, I can still find that little area of quiet to just be. And even if it isn’t quite as secluded around here, just to have those moments in nature with my favorite adventuring companions.. well, that’s all I really need.



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