cabin fever.

hi there.

I was home alone this weekend with two cats and a puppy and I think we are all a little anxious for the spring weather. It feels like winter has been going on for years – at first, casting a calm peaceful little blanket over the earth but now we’re all ready for greenery and sunshine and bare limbs.

I’ve been itching to get out and take some photos but I find it so difficult to leave the house when it’s so cold outside! I did try to venture out last night but my car was stuck in a patch of ice. I’m going to tell myself that winter is a reminder from the universe to slow down, enjoy the here and now, be present.. I know that when spring comes, there will be so much to do and I will long for a little time to just be. Already, this year is shaping up to be full of things to go do and see, and of course, our wedding in September. Although I am beyond excited for all that is to come, maybe it isn’t so bad to stretch this moment of hibernation out just a little longer and savor the slowness… seems like a perfect excuse to pour myself another warm mug of coffee and settle in for a cozy Sunday on the couch!


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