the first year of the greatest adventure.

happy anniversary.

Today marks one year since the first date with the love of my life, one year since we nervously drank lattes together on an unseasonably warm day in January and bumbled through silly conversation as we tried to feel each other out. How much has changed in so little time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We went back to the coffee shop to drink another latte and then over to Oakland’s Schenley Park bridge where couples have placed ‘love locks’ as a token of their commitment. As an anniversary present, Terry bought us a lock engraved with our names which we hung on the bridge and afterwards, simultaneously threw the keys over the edge. We then had lunch at the Thai restaurant where we had our second date and reminisced about the awkward first kiss we shared afterwards, me scared to death as I couldn’t hold back from the urge to kiss him any longer and he completely caught off guard by my boldness. What a wonderful, beautiful, nostalgic day.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

love locks


5 thoughts on “the first year of the greatest adventure.

  1. Happy One Year! I love the idea of the locks. How romantic of him to have gotten the locks engraved! I hope you have many more lattes together.

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